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THE VIPER: 3D Adult Printed Antibacterial Face Mask

Antibacterial action has been scientifically validated eliminating more than 99.99% of fungi, viruses, bacteria, and a wide range of microorganisms. Antibacterial properties confirmed by two microbiology laboratories in Chile and the USA. PLACTIVE™ is an FDA registered material and EU compliant (no. 10/2011, no. 1935/2004 and no. 2023/2006).

<span style=">The manufacturer also has certification iso 9001/2015 and is reach compliant. The mask has thermoforming characteristics that facilitates post-processing and final adjustments of the 3d printed application. Clinically tested in prosthesis for amputees with excellent results. Ideal for the manufacture of other medical applications where it’s dangerous to have bacterial contamination, such as postoperative prostheses, wound dressing and surgical equipment. The nano-additive maintains all the mechanical properties of the material. PLACTIVE is currently being tested by NASA to evaluate its impact on interplanetary microbial contamination. Non-toxic product and environmentally friendly (biodegradable).

DISCLAIMER: This mask is not a replacement for an N95 mask. This design by DreamLab Industries (DLI) is unique. This mask will not prevent disease.