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DSI Secures GSA Schedule Contract Award

Upper Marlboro, MD, April 28, 2022; DSI Corporation, a leading provider of cutting-edge professional and technological solutions, proudly announces its successful acquisition of the highly coveted General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) contract. This milestone achievement marks a significant advancement for DSI Corporation, further strengthening its position in the government contracting arena and paving the way for expanded opportunities in serving federal agencies.

The GSA Schedule contract is a highly sought-after designation that grants DSI Corporation access to the federal marketplace, enabling streamlined procurement processes and establishing the company as a trusted provider of innovative solutions. This contract award exemplifies the government's recognition of DSI Corporation's exceptional capabilities, expertise, and commitment to delivering superior products and services.

"We are thrilled to have been awarded the GSA Schedule MAS contract," said Myke Jones, President and CEO of DSI Corporation. "This milestone not only demonstrates our company's proven track record of excellence but also positions us to better serve the needs of federal agencies by offering our solutions in a more efficient and accessible manner."

With the GSA Schedule contract, DSI Corporation can now offer its comprehensive portfolio of solutions to a wider range of federal agencies, helping them address their unique challenges effectively. The contract encompasses a diverse range of services, including IT consulting, Professional Services and Financial Management.

As a GSA Schedule contract holder, DSI Corporation ensures that government customers benefit from pre-negotiated pricing, simplified procurement processes, and compliance with stringent regulatory requirements. This streamlined approach enables federal agencies to access DSI Corporation's expertise promptly and efficiently, driving technological innovation and enhancing operational efficiency across various sectors.

DSI Corporation's commitment to excellence, industry-leading solutions, and unparalleled customer service were pivotal in securing the GSA Schedule contract. The company's extensive experience in the private sector, combined with its dedicated team of professionals, positions DSI Corporation as an ideal partner for federal agencies seeking cutting-edge technological solutions tailored to their specific needs.

For information: Michael Jones, President & CEO, 202-213-1521; [email protected]

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